Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the main page of the Sundered World campaign. Taking place in a world named Terach. The first of this six part campaign features a group of primitive heroes fighting for their peoples in a savage desert that covers the entirety of a large (almost a continent in itself) island. Terach consist of two main continents, large islands in the extreme north and south and a massive chain of small islands along the equator. Future chapters of the campaign (different yet related stories and PC’s) may include:
Offerings of the Underdark
Hell and High Water
Clash of Nations

Now if anyone browsing recognizes the map as an amalgamation of stuff they recognize, please ignore that. I as of yet still haven’t found a map generator that I like and don’t have the skills to make one from scratch. Any suggestions of mapping tools would be greatly appreciated in the comments section.


Sundered World

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