Lendren the Wildheart

Druid of the sands, companion of the one called Pinchy.

  • Neutral Good
  • HP: 35
  • AC:18
  • Equipment worth mention: Obsidian Sickle, unknown abilities. Pouch of large, mysterious seeds(used to obtain sickle).
  • Animal Companion: Pinchy, a medium size giant scorpion, who’s notable abilities include enhanced armour(see below,) and the Pinchy Dance.
  • Special Abilities: Aspect of the Sandstorm: Allows both Lendren and Pinchy to transform into sand and travel quickly from place to place. Aspect of the Assassin: Enhances Pinchy’s natural armour.
  • _Picture by Nasuradin http://nasuradin.deviantart.com/art/Druid-5378523 used without permission, hope he doesn’t mind.

*Lendren has also recently come into possession of one of the relics of his former master. When the elder died he gave Lendren a pouch of enchanted seeds. These seeds were used to nullify the guardians of the relic. Further information will be posted as more of the relic’s abilities are revealed. -Silver, Alchemical Sickle



Born in a small, now destroyed desert village, Lendren was raised by a druid known as Tyrian the Elder. Even at a young age, Lendren displayed a capacity for great compassion, and a desire to help both man and beast. Over time, he learned the arts of the druid from his master. Eager to help others, whether it be healing wounds, curing illness, or battling bandits and marauders, he spent much of his teenage years traveling from settlement to settlement with his master, doing what good they could.

One day, while fetching water from a nearby oasis, he was set upon by a group of bandits. Mid-battle, a form burst from the sands and defeated the bandits. The form revealed itself to be a scorpion of considerable size. Wounded, and requiring rest, the two took shelter in the oasis for two days, and have been companions since. Still unable to explain why the scorpion, now called “Pinchy,” answered his call for help, Lendren hopes to one day explain the sudden appearance of his trustworthy ally.

One night, the apprentice was left without a master. Tyrian the Elder was cut down by an invisible attacker as Lendren watched. With his dying breath, Tyrian gave his young apprentice a pouch of dried seeds, telling him only to protect them.

Wandering the desert, Lendren and Pinchy finally found a home among a small desert village. Acting as a healer and guide, Lendren found peace and contentment among the small tribe. Over time, the troubles of the past seemed to distant, until almost forgotten…

Lendren the Wildheart

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