Blind, possessed and over-eager to help anyone who needs it.


In possession of a daemon hammer. Formerly Aukon’s Goliath hammer, the daemon hammer was created when Aukon attempted banish a summoned fiend by smashing the summoning crystal with his hammer. He quickly learned that brute force doesn’t always work as planned.

This entry on the hammer will be updated as Aukon discovers the hammer’s powers, along with its terrible secret.

Cursed Goliath Hammer Drawback: Character must make a will save of DC = 10+Level or attack the nearest creature upon every round of a rage. Cannot voluntarily end rage without making another will save.

HP: 80 AC: 17


Aukon, originally Aukon Bearhunter Kamile-Khan, belonged to a tribe of desert Goliaths. He was always the tribe’s best hunter, yet he always manages to cause more problems than solutions out of pure bad luck and recklessness. The last straw for the Goliath was he accidental destruction of the chief’s prized possessions. Though this pained the tribe greatly, they decided to exile Aukon from them and strip him of his full name. He was left by himself as the nomads packed up and left.

After travelling for months in hopes of redeeming himself, he came upon a small desert village. There he met up with his current companions, Lendren the Wildheart and Darvos after they help stop a possible riot.

Through his adventures, Aukon has been stricken with blindness after failing a test from the god Bahamut. Aukon views this as a test, and a possible path to redemption.

On another adventure, Aukon accidentally stepped into an altar of a imprisoned demon which released it. Thinking he could remedy the situation with a little muscle, he attempted to smash the stone with his hammer. Instead of breaking into many pieces, it embedded itself into his war hammer without his knowledge. The demon has the ability to control him while in a rage. It is unknown what it’s intentions are, and Aukon has always been able to regain his will before turning on his comrades. All that is known is that while in this frenzy, he becomes physically larger, his skin becomes red and he sprouts wings and horns. Only when he regains control do these effects revert.


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