Deities of Terach

Religions of Terach

The religions of Terach are as varied as the creatures that inhabit it. The major gods of the Primary Pantheon are the most widely known and worshipped and thus are the most powerful. The Secondary Pantheon are also referred to as the “new” gods since most of them are actually elemental, celestial or infernal beings who have made the ascension to godhood. Their powers are fairly limited and most of them direct their followers in expanding their influence and their temples. The Tertiary Pantheon consists mostly of powerful individual entities or sometimes groups who are on the verge of ascension. These beings lack the wide-ranging awareness and the reach of power of the elder deities but their might is still considerable. They also have the ability to grant spells to their followers but in limited numbers.

Primary Pantheon


-The Uncaring, Lord of all Magics, Archmage of the Dieties
-True Neutral God of Magic
-Domains: Knowledge, Magic, and Trickery
-Favored Weapon(s):Quarterstaff

Correllon Larethian

Only associated with the grey elves, holds the wilder/wood elves in distain for their uncivilized fall from society. Currently supports his followers in the war against the Drow and Lolth. Rival of Ehlonna and Lolth.
-Creator of Elves, Preserver of Life
-Chaotic Good God of Elves
-Domains:Chaos, Good, Protection, War
-Favored Weapon(s):Longsword


Ehlonna has taken the wayward wilder/wood elves into her embrace. These elves now show more fey and plant qualities than humanoid. They wage a constant hit and run war on the forces of the drow, however their small numbers and their reluctance to damage the land prevents them from achieving any real goals. A Rival to Correlion Larethian. And Lolth
-Goddess of the Woodlands
-Neutral Good Goddess of Woodlands
-Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Fey
-Favored Weapon(s):Longbow


-rival of Razial
-The Slaughterer, The Many, Butcher of Multitudes
-Chaotic Evil god of Slaughter
-Domains: Chaos, Evil, Strength, Bestial
-Favored Weapon(s):Morningstar


-Dweller on the Horizon
-True Neutral God of the Roads
-Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel
-Favored Weapon(s):Quarterstaff


As a God of both Orcs and Goblinoids, Grumsh is split into a dual personality. His mighty warrior side rises form the worship of his orcish followers, and the cunning trickster arises from his goblinoid worshippers. The Duality of his personality is often in conflict. It was this hesitation that allowed Correllion to put out his eye in battle.
-One Eyed, He who never sleeps
-Chaotic Evil god of Goblinoids/Orcs
-Chaos, Evil, Strength(Orcs), Trickery(Goblinoids), War
-Favored Weapon(s):Spear(of any kind including javelins, but not lances)


Rival of Hextor
-The Invincible
-Lawful Good God of Valor, Chivalry, and Honor
-Domains: Good, Law, War, Glory
-Favored Weapon(s):Longsword


Rival of Heironius
-Herald of Hell, Scourge of Battle
-Lawful Evil God of Tyranny
-Destruction, Greed, Law, War
-Favored Weapon(s):Flail


-The Brawler
-Chaotic Good God of Strength, Athletes
-Endurance, Good, Law, Strength
-Favored Weapon(s):Greatsword


The Priestesses of Lolth have led the Drow out from the Underdark in an unholy crusade to wipe the Grey Elves from the world and establish a foothold on the world above. Lolth is temperamental and unpredictable and prone to punishing her followers severely for any failure. Thus the higher ranking priestesses now run this matriarchal society
-The Spider Queen, Queen of the Underdark
-Neutral Evil God of Drow
-Pain, Evil, Magic, Darkness
-Favored Weapon(s):(poisoned blades; dagger, shortwsord, longsword)


The split of the Dwarven people has also created a duality here. The first aspect of Moradin is the older one from the dwarves of stone and metal. In this form he is depicted as a mighty dwarf forged entirely of adamantine. In this form he is slow to react but steady and implacable. The second is that of the hill dwarfs. In this form he is worshiped as a master craftsman and warrior, but not as an elemental force of nature. It was this conflict that originally split the Dwarven people in two
-The Soulforger, Stonelord
-Lawful Good God of the Earth
-Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Metal
-Favored Weapon(s):Warhammer


Slain just as he achieved his ascension Nerull holds a bitter hatred of all things living and yearns to extinguish life on the prime material. He often uses undead as do his clerics and worshipers. Any mortal worshipers must show particular mettle to survive in his services. Holds an ancient hatred for Wee Jas.
-The Reaper, Hater of Life
-Neutral Evil God of Death
-Death, Evil, Necromancy, Corruption
-Favored Weapon(s):Scythe


-the Shalm
-True Neutral God of Nature and Wilderness
-Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Water, Sun
-Favored Weapon(s):Club, Natural attacks


-avoids St Cuthbert wherever possible
-The Laughing Rogue
-Chaotic Neutral God of Rogues
-Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Greed
-Favored Weapon(s):Rapier


- The Shining one
- Neutral Good God of the sun and Healing
- Good, Healing, Sun, Life
- Favored Weapon(s):Mace(any kind)


- The Razor
- Chaotic Evil God of Madmen/Torture
- Passion, Pain, Chaos, Madness
- Favored Weapon(s):Shortsword

St Cuthbert

- Cuthbert of the Cudgel
- Lawful Neutral God of Retribution
- Law, Protection, Strength, Wrath
- Favored Weapon(s):Mace(any kind)

Wee Jas

Along with her role as a goddess of magic Wee Jas also oversees the passage of souls from the prime material to the appropriate afterlife. Often warrior with Nerull for fallen souls Wee Jas’ Followers have developed a seething hatred for the undead.
- The Witch Goddess
- Lawful Neutral God of Natural Death and Magic
- Death, Law, Magic, Knowledge
- Favored Weapon(s):Dagger

Secondary Pantheon

The Secondary Pantheon is a group of gods relatively new to deity-hood. While not as individually well established as an elder god any two of these gods could be a match for one of the elders, thus their religions are recognized. Most of these deities are elementals, celestials, or demons/Daemons/Devils that have ascend ended. While none of the gods are entirely omniscient, these gods are less likely to notice important events and to cunningly control their powers as they come to grips with their new reality.


-Rival of Authocarus
-The Eternal Flame
-Chaotic Evil God of Fire
-Fire, Chaos, Sun, Evil
-Favored Weapon(s):Heated Brand, Torch, Any heated weapon, Any fire enchanted weapon


-Rival of Incindarius
-The Flowing Lord
-Lawful Good God of the Deep/water
-Water, Law, Good, Travel
-Favored Weapon(s):Trident


-Holds an ancient hatred of Moradin but cannot hope to combat him directly despite his new found power, desperately hopes to either gain enough power, or forge an alliance that would allow him to cast Moradin out of the Primary Pantheon.
-The Whispered Warning
-Chaotic Evil God of Winds/Air
-Air, Chaos, Destruction, Weather
-Favored Weapon(s):Scimitar


Earathol is the deity closest to achieving true omniscience, although the watchers prevent him from doing so. They believe that he cannot achieve omniscience without first achieving total neutrality in order to maintain balance.
-The all Seer
-Chaotic Good God of Prophesy
-Herald, Knowledge, Good, Chaos, Meditation
-Favored Weapon(s):Quarterstaff


-Rival of Erythnul
-The Crusader
-Lawful Good God of the Crusade
-War, Good, Law, Wrath
-Favored Weapon(s):Bastard Sword

The Patient One

God of Mindflayers, Beholders and Aberrations.
-Lawful Evil God Secrets and plans
-Evil, Darkness, Corruption, madness
-Favored Weapon(s):Flail


-The Exquisite Mistress
-Chaotic Evil Goddess of Sadism and Masochism
Evil, Corruption, Pain, Death
-Favored Weapon(s):Sickle


The also Exist thousands of minor objects of worship that while not qualifying as deities are powerful enough to grant spells to their clerics and gather a following. While these forces might not have the power and sway of a major or minor deity they are not to be taken lightly, especially in their own domain.

The Sleeper in the Void

It was been acknowledged by the eldest of gods that a greater being does exist. This ultimate being is referred to as “He who Slumbers in the Void”. It is said that he created the Gods out of boredom. Once created he set them loose and allow them to form the planes and their own realms. After many millions of millennia he grew bored and slowly faded from the senses of the gods. Occasionally a whisper of his snores or the rumble of his sleep-tossing is detected and it is during this time that the gods band together evil and good, lawful and chaotic, to prevent his waking. It is not known how this procedure is accomplished since any god who speaks of it to a mortal will be cast down and become mortal again but it is known that during this time no divine magic will function as their gods required all of their strength. It has also been said there exists an order of clerics that serves the sleeper in the void, but no proof of their existence has ever been uncovered and their identities or even truth of existence remains a mystery. A few cults of “The Sleeper” have formed over the millenia although all have been completely stamped out by “The Watchers” to prevent them from attracting his attentions. If the watchers require the services of mortals (a rare occasion indeed) they usually obtain such services by manipulating time and space so their objectives are achieved without the server knowing what alternate effect his actions had. Since they are not limited by time the actions of the watchers are unpredictable and often seem entirely insane.

Deities of Terach

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