Politics of Terach

Terrach’s Socio-Political and Military Structure: Thestra

The human lands of Thestra consist of a large are of the western continent divided into 4 countries.

Xavek is the first. Ruled by a series of noble families Xavek is a nation of oppressed culture. The will of the nobles rules and those below are kept in servitude by the local enforcers known as the Fists of Hextor. The order of Hextor is the major religion as well as police forces and is responsible for raising the army in times of war as well. The three ruling noble families are on rather good terms with each other and any small arguments between them are quickly solved as they all know that they cannot risk their position by feuding. Xaveks lands stretch from the edge of the Blackscale lizardfolk’s swamp to the River of the Serpent in the north and to Murky Lake in the East. Xavek is a relatively new development having been united from rabble by the Chosen of Hextor only 300 years ago. While economically young, the strict discipline of the people has resulted in incredible efficiency of work and a massive growth of the economy.

Drussos is the second and lies directly north of Xavek and stretches to the northern stretch of the Roaring River. Drussos is ruled by a Monarchy that has been in power since the formation of the country almost 1400 years ago. The Monarchy has had a previous history of a strong family bloodline of benevolent and powerful rulers. This all faded however with the early death of the previous king Lucius. Lucius sun is but a young man of 22 and has yet to complete his education. However he is a confident and capable young man. The people and his family however worry about his inexperience, especially with the newly growing power of Xavek so close. Freedom of religion is expressed in Drussos as longs as no harm is done but the country’s official deity is Herionius. Evil deities and cults to them are not tolerated should their presence bring harm to others. The Military forces of Drussos are few but elite, being recruited from young men across the country and trained at one of the three massive fortress barracks close to Drussos Borders. Any young man in military service in Drussos is paid well and is awarded a plot of land should he choose to retire. Should he spend his entire life in the military his memorial is engraved on the Obelisk of Heroes in the capital city of Demesnis.

Cordengath is separated from the rest of the nations by the natural border of the Roaring River. A trader’s alliance for the last 700 years Cordengath is a trade power ruled The cities of Cordengath are the place to search for exotic goods and services since traders from all over Thestra gather here to sell their wares. Cordengath is also known for its extreme tolerances towards other races, cultures, and religion. This is mostly due to the fact that they would rather not give up the customers racism or other such vices would alienate. It is said that theft is the only true punishable crimes there. The Capital City of Overlook is names so as it was build on the peak of an oddly shaped mountain, the sides of the mountain were then carved away to make ramps leading up to the city. From the Council chambers in the cities highest reaches it is said that one can see all four borders of Cordengath.

Politics of Terach

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