Secrets of Terach

Secrets of Terach

The Watchers

The “Watchers in the Dark” are the almighty clerics of “He who slumbers in the void”. Beings that exist beyond the borders of regular life the laws of time and space have no sway over them. They go where (and when) they please in order to achieve the master’s goals. Their temples are known as “The Voidwells” and there are six of them in existence. When they choose to show themselves they often appear as heavily armored figures of stature equal to that of a ½ sized human swathed in thick cloth robes that alternated between black and off-white. Their presence is even enough to cow the gods, although mortals usually do not recognize what they face. Nothing is known about them or their power, numbers, or goals and even the gods hesitate to act where they are concerned for fear of provoking their master. It is said that the former god of Halflings was the first to ridicule the watchers for their conduct. Soon after she was stripped of her divine power and cast into the void.

The Wells of Creation

“The Well of Echoes”

Located on the Prime material plane the well of echoes is an immensely powerful artifact granted to the gods by “He who Slumbers in the Void” and with it they created the planes. This well allows whoever has the will to use it to create something from nothing. Whole dimensions, planes and realities can spring into existence from the user’s imagination. The Watchers guard it jealously for it could cause innumerable problems should an unworthy being activate it.

“The Well of Eternity”

Located in a demi-plane on the edge of the Void beyond the reach even of the gods this well is responsible for the ebb and flow of time. Time hastens as one would approach the Well of Eternity, aging any who would gain access to its powers rapidly. Therefore only the Watchers in the Dark have access to the well of eternity since they are beyond the influence of time.

“The Well of Infinity”

Since this well encompasses the void between and around the planes its location cannot be pinpointed as it does not exist in a manner any being but “He who Slumbers in the Void” can understand.

“The Well of the Abyss”

The well located below the surface of the 9th layer of hell is responsible for maintaining the planes created by the evil deities. Should it falter for any reason the deities of evil would have to use their own will to maintain the evil aligned planes shifting the balance of power significantly in Good’s favor.

“The Well of the Heavens”

The well somewhere far above the highest reaches of the celestial plane is responsible for maintaining the planes created by the good deities. Should it falter for any reason the deities would have to use their own will to maintain the good aligned planes shifting the balance of power significantly in Evil’s favor.

“The Well of Balance”

The well of balance and the Watchers that maintain it are responsible for keeping the divine, planar, and material peoples in check so that no single alignment, element, or power can ever gain a permanent advantage. Should one gain advantage the Well’s directors select a single being to make the ascension to godhood or an existing deity (usually the offender) to be cast down (the means by which it does this are as infinite as space in the void) in order to maintain balance. If an existing deity is cast down another entity or soul is selected and groomed to take its place

The Restrained

When “He who Slumbers in the Void” created the Gods and gave them the power of creation he returned to his sleep. However, he slumbered but for a short time before he was awakened by his watchers. The Gods had created minions too numerous and powerful to be contained. These creations were known as the Servitors. The gods had created them to carry out their will. They gave the Servitors incredible powers and the ability to self replicate. That was a horrible mistake. The Servitors quickly overran the Gods and imprisoned them in several mighty fortresses in gaps between the planes. They fed off the souls of the Gods and in their rage at their creators began to rail against the fabric of reality. “He who Slumbers” was awakened. His raged shook the planes of existence and caused all within them to tremble. He laid waste to all that the gods had created and attacked their Servitors mercilessly. But the Servitors had become mighty. Each one of them was the equal of a demigod in power and they numbered in the thousands. “He who slumbers” would not be denied. The battle that ensued lasted an eternity and as He laid one foe down the rest would gain its powers. Finally there were only six left. Too powerful to be destroyed and too dangerous to be allowed to live, “He who slumbers” freed the gods and placed the remaining servitors in the very prisons they had made for the gods. It is said the “He who Slumbers” was so drained by this battle that he once again left existence to rest, leaving the gods once again with a clean slate and the Wells of Creation. Their second attempt was more successful resulting in the current reality.

Secrets of Terach

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