The Planes of Existance

The planes of existence were created by the gods in order to provide a home to the followers they would need to sustain themselves. Each deity had his own hand in the creation of several planes and many of the planes are the work of several gods. Each God has his own plane. The only exception to this rule of favored planes is the Prime Material Plane. Every single god has influence there and its creation was the work of all the of gods present at the “Dictum of He who Slumbers” or “The Dictum”

The planes can be represented with a crude 2 dimensional representation although this does not reflect their true nature. The Good and Evil planes are aligned to the Universal north and south of the prime material with chaos and law are to the east and west respectively. All of those planes influenced by alignment are situated on this 2-d flat. The neutral planes that contribute to the prime material are situated in various positions on the 3rd dimensional axis with water and earth opposed and air and fire opposed. Creativity and faith are opposed as well as emotion and apathy and ethereal and shadow. Thus a 3dimensional model of the planes of existence and their relative positions can be created.

Not is all static however. As the actions of gods and mortals define the prime material they also can change the position of the planes of existence around the prime material and thus affect the prime material’s composition. Should for example the elemental plane of fire shift closer to the prime material its influence grows and more heat and fire influence occurrences are noticed such as volcanic eruptions, droughts, and the impact of meteors.

The beings of these planes are often in direct conflict with each other as they seek to gain power over each other and thus change their position to and influence in the prime material. Although some beings have also realized that by directly affecting the prime material they can also affect their home planes indirectly. Thus the prime material plane is a scaled representation of the state of the entirety of the planes of existence and the constant battle between good, evil, chaos, law, the ethereal, the shadow, and the elements.

Therefore time and space and all things included can be monitored by those who have the knowledge by study of the prime material plane. This is also the task of the Watchers. Should the planes ever fall out of perfect balance existence would end. This cataclysmic event would surely awaken “He who slumbers”.

The Planes of Existance

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